An Urgent Call To All Practicing Physicians: A Prescription for Healthcare Reform

An Urgent Call To All Practicing Physicians:  A Prescription for Healthcare Reform

Meaningful and beneficial healthcare/medical insurance reform can only be successfully accomplished by those professionals who are qualified in the practice of medicine.

It is our duty and responsibility, as physicians and our patients’ advocates, not only to propose the solutions, but also to protect our patients from conditions or policies that might be hazardous to the heath our patients or to the health of the population in general.


In order to maintain and improve the health of this country’s citizens;

In order to protect this country’s citizens from governmental policies that will degrade the healthcare delivery system, and impair our abilities to provide the excellent healthcare our patients deserve;

In order to promote the practical and financial conditions required to maintain      optimally functioning medical practices, and recruit the most qualified and devoted    medical students, practitioners, and affiliated personnel;


The National Congress of Practicing Physicians will assume the task as our patients’ medical and ethical fiduciaries, and formulate the requisite policies, systems, and recommendations that will promote excellent, affordable, and cost-effective healthcare.  We will then ask the United States Congress to perform their duty as elected lawmakers, and enact our professional recommendations.

We will attempt to gain the support and attendance, in person or by proxy, of every possible practicing physician in each of our fifty states, to convene at a designated location no later than the second week of Jan 2010 in order to elect delegates to the National Congress of Practicing Physicians.


The unprecedented and unnecessary speed, political urgency, and fact manipulation thus far demonstrated by our President, Congress, and their various accomplices without transparency, without adequate physician consultation and participation, and without voter/citizen input and participation, are unequivocal proof that issues of such vital importance as those pertaining to health of our nation’s citizens cannot be entrusted to those who lack the unique medical expertise or those whose motives are political, financial,  self-serving, or otherwise less than altruistic.

Washington has shown us that they act not on the behalf of the patient but on that of the party, lobbyists, selected industries, organizations, and unions. Our government’s actions have revealed that for them it is not about beneficial healthcare reform. It is about having passed the healthcare reform bill, and taken control of the healthcare delivery system. They have created a medical emergency.

All physicians must act urgently, and agree on the emergent need to form the National Congress of Practicing Physicians.  We must help our patients, as we always have, and assume the leadership role of this process, which so intricately involves and requires our unique expertise, training, and professional integrity.  In doing so, we will begin to relieve the unhealthy angst befallen our patients which has been unnecessarily inflicted upon them by the unjustified attempted hijacking of our nations’ healthcare delivery system.  We must, as we always have, do what is best for our patients, take ownership of this complicated process of reforming the healthcare environment, and retain the trust of our patients as we advocate on their behalf.

The delivery of healthcare is dependent upon physicians, and so must any significant change to the system.  This is our urgent call to action.

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