Business leaders need insights to remain competitive, which is driving them to prospect for big data “gold.” But they need help filtering the signal from the noise and don’t want to waste time on standing up the hardware, configuring the software and manually coding point-to-point solutions. They want to get data in and out of Hadoop, or any other big data target, as fast as possible without needing a complement of data science experts on staff.

Snaplogic is an enterprise cloud integration platform that enables users to efficiently build, deploy and manage multiple high-volume, data-intensive integration projects. For enterprises dealing with massive amounts of data, SnapLogic’s Big Data-as-a-Service (BDaaS) solution provides data ingress, egress and data logging for Hadoop to help them get from big interactions to big insights quickly and easily.

This new solution offers regular Joes and data architects alike an easy way to integrate Hadoop data with…

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