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Over the past week, my girls and I have perfected the art of snowflake-making. We’ve notched diamonds and triangles into meticulously folded pieces of paper and unfolded them to reveal lacy creations that will grace the halls of Sandy Hook Elementary School’s new building.

A continent away, there’s not much tangible that we could offer in the form of support for the students who watched or heard shooter Adam Lanza gun down their classmates and teachers earlier this month in Conn. We could not drop by to pay our respects and light a candle. We were encouraged to hold back on sending gifts.

As Newtown, Conn., mourns the loss of 20 first-graders, four teachers, an elementary-school principal and a school psychologist, the town has been deluged with good will. Strangers have donated money and food and toys — so many toys (more than 60,000 teddy bears as of Saturday) that…

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